Q:Which stock exchange is NAFCO traded on? What is the NAFCO stock code on Taiwan Stock Exchange, Bloomberg, and Reuters?
A:NAFCO common stocks were listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) in 2002. NAFCO is coded 3004 on TSE, 3004.TT on Bloomberg, and 3004.TW on Reuters.

Q:How can investors find NAFCO's quarterly reports?
A:Quarterly reports can be found on our quarterly Reports page.

Q:How often does NAFCO announce its financial results?
A:We announce the previous month consolidated pro forma revenue before 10th of each month. We announce our consolidated financial results on quarterly basis. Please check the link below for more information: NAFCO Financial Information.

Q:How can I get the historical financial statements?
A:Please check the link below for more information: NAFCO Financial Information

Q:Whom may investors contact for NAFCO's general shareholder services?
A:You may contact China Trust Commercial Bank at +886-2-6636-5566

Q:What is NAFCO's dividend policy?
A:Our Board of Directors recommends a distribution of cash dividends from our annual profits. This proposal for distribution of annual profits has to be approved by our shareholders at the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting.

Q:What is Getac's fiscal year?
A:We adopt the calendar year as our fiscal year, which means from January 1 to December 31.