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Stakeholder Relations

To pursuit NAFCO business sustainable development, we respect all stakeholders’ opinions and expect to keep good interactions with stakeholders. As per it, NAFCO set up the business policy and target the performance for NAFCO.

Stakeholder Identification

NAFCO defines stakeholders as the person or organization who can affect or be affected the NAFCO operation included inside or outside group of NAFCO. According to this definition, NAFCO’s stakeholders can be discriminated to investors, customers , suppliers and employees.

Stakeholders’ Concern Topics

After identified our stakeholders, we integrate all information sourced from stakeholders through internal and external communication channel and sort to the stakeholders’ concern topics.

Stakeholder concern topic and response
Stakeholder Concern topic Response of concern topic
Investors Company

Financial information
Social charity
Ethics and integrity
Hold an annual shareholders' meeting,
 and response shareholders related questions.

Open our business management and the latest
 financial information on the investor related

To establish the NAFCO Social Charity Fund is
 the purpose for social charity implement to do
 our social responsibilities, contribute back to
 the community, and encourage NAFCO
 employees' charity.

Set the policy『Ethical Company Management
 Best Practice Principles』, and rule the policy in
 business management.

Customers Customer service
 development strategy

Ethics and integrity
To protect the customer rights, all the sales
 process of NAFCO include the warranty
 process and insurance of each product.

Based on the concept of there is only one earth,
 NAFCO promotes energy conservation, carbon
 reduction, and waste management positively by
 environmental protecting regulation.

To corporate and maintain the relationship with
 customers all base one relevant policy and

Suppliers Supplier management
 development strategy

Follow the regulations
Ethics and integrity
To inspect the supplier management processes
 regularly and set up the warranty process.

To set up Industrial Safety Department in
 charge of all environmental sanitation
 maintenance, public safety preservation, and
 relevant regulations following.

To corporate and maintain the relationship with
 suppliers all base one relevant policy and rules.

Employees Salary and bonuses
Staff training

To held the trainings and all kind of activities to
 encourage employees.

To inform employees all types of company
 information by internal email and regular