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Our Vision:to become the leader in the world's aerospace fastener market.
Through continuous process improvement, new product development, new skills introduction and new productivity, it is our hope to serve as the leading aerospace fastener provider and become the main supplier in the world's aerospace fastener market.

Our Spirit:Proactivity, Innovation, Execution

Our Core Value:Enthusiasm, Honesty, Integrity
As the operation scope of NAFCO mainly focuses on fasteners applied in aircrafts and vehicles, the market not only features longer product cycles and long-term business operation but is also closely connected with the requirements of final product safety. In addition to the design and manufacturing of fasteners for modern aerospace and high-end industrial applications, as well as for international marketing, NAFCO also devotes itself to becoming an honest, trustworthy business partner that is worthy of long-term cooperation and which can provide impeccable industrial services in respect to customer service.   

Since a firm must be operated while maintaining its responsibility to the society, shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and other third parties maintaining business transactions, NAFCO sets “Enthusiasm”, “Honesty”, and “Integrity” as its core value. Only in this way can NAFCO be able to accomplish high efficiency, and continual growth and continuously contribute benefits the relevant stakeholders.

    Our competitive advantages:
  • NAFCO: the few qualified aerospace fastener supplier in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • The operation team is organized by professionals specializing in aerospace quality assurance systems, R&D design, and process techniques, as well as high-caliber talents from world-renowned high-tech institutes in Taiwan and abroad.
  • Provide the most perfect service quality through a customer-based operation mode.

    Our environmental policy:
  • Continuously improve working environment , Carry out environmental protection.
  • Enforce working environment safety , Increase energy usage efficiency.

    Our environment commitment:
  • Thorough implementation of environmental management , To meet the requirement of environmental act.
  • Make the best effort on environmental pollution prevention , Continuously seeking the best efficiency of energy usage.
  • Carry out environmentally educational training , Continuously focus on environmental improvement.