Internal Audit

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Internal Audit

  • Nafco’s Internal Auditing Office is an independent unit under the board of director.
  • The Internal Audit Office comprises a full-time auditor.
  • All business operational units of the company.
  • All business operational units of the subsidiary.

Auditing cycles

Review operational efficiency, organizational functions and competency distribution.

Internal Control System

Assist BOD and managers inspecting and reviewing defects in the internal control system and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, to ensure sustained and effective internal control system to be implemented.

Resource deployment Effectiveness

Evaluate cash, stocks, and all resources are utilized adequately without waste, abuse or ineffectiveness.

Asset Protection

Ensure assets allocation and records of all departments are completed.

Disclosure of Financial Information

Ensure the accuracy and completeness of financial information disclosed.


Continuous supervision of subsidiaries’ business operation and conducting auditing management.