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Corporate Social Responsibility

Nafco devotes in Social Accountability and make the related policy and target.
  • Comply with environmental protection and labor safety and health laws.
  • Cherish natural resources and actively carry out pollution prevention and control.
  • Reduce environmental impacts and safety and health risks. Meet customer needs and realize green enterprises. Comprehensively promote corporate social and environmental responsibility.
  • Full participation, continuous improvement.
  • Comply with the requirements of government environmental protection, labor safety and health regulations and other international standards, and respond to the global green environmental protection, labor rights and zero-disaster movement.

  • It is everyone’s responsibility to educate and advocate all employees to recognize that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the global environment and attach importance to life safety, cherish natural resources, ensure safety and promote physical and mental health.

  • Through the reduction and reuse of resources, in order to achieve the purpose of effective use of resources, while strengthening the supervision and management of waste product disposal, to ensure that waste products are properly disposed of and can not be resold for reuse.

  • Strengthen the supervision and improvement of environmental pollution sources and risk management, while improving the efficiency of resource use to reduce environmental impacts, and regularly disclose the results of environmental issues.

  • Establish good self-management to ensure the prevention of occupational disasters and reduce occupational safety and health risks, and create a healthy and comfortable working environment.

  • Establish a corporate social responsibility and safety and health management system to improve the performance of environmental protection, business ethics, labor rights and interests and safety and health management with the operation of the organization and management system.

  • Formulate a greenhouse gas inventory and reduction plan, establish a greenhouse gas management mechanism, and strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet the international environmental protection trend and customer requirements.

  • Implement energy and resource management, with the optimization of energy resource utilization as the main consideration in the design, procurement and use phases, to achieve the goal of continuous improvement and improve overall environmental performance.

  • We are publicly committed to the Company’s determination to protect the environment, attach importance to labor rights and interests and enhance work safety, and regularly disclose corporate social responsibility related information to strengthen communication and trust with stakeholders.

  • Follow the Code of conducts, operate with integrity, do not take advantage of any improper gain, and do not offer or accept bribes, and protect the identity of those who give opinions and expose wrongdoing so that they do not risk retaliation.

  • Attach importance to equal opportunities, prohibit any form of harassment, discrimination or inhuman treatment of employees, and establish two-way communication channels and mechanisms for employee consultation and participation to maintain a good cooperation between labor and employment.

  • Continue to pay attention to conflict minerals issues, prudently and conscientiously investigate the sources of conflict mineral raw materials, and adopt responsible procurement practices.

  • We will make every effort to require our suppliers to jointly comply with the laws and regulations related to corporate social responsibility, and to establish a sustainable development industry with our suppliers.

Follows the four principles of GRI Standards, which are materiality, stakeholder inclusiveness, sustainability context, and completeness, and refers to international sustainable development trends. We took an analysis in Corporate Governance, society and environmental protection.

Information, assets and documents relating to the Company’s business dealings with customers are considered confidential to be protected. Colleagues shall have the responsibility to protect and keep confidential the information, assets and documents within the scope of their business; Have a duty not to disseminate information, assets and documents of known business. There is a duty not to discover or obtain information, assets and documents that are not within the scope of one’s mandate. And there should be awareness and strict implementation of not leaking or disseminating confidential information of customers or companies, so as to provide customers with a complete information confidentiality environment and win customer confidence.

  • Nafco is committed to the pursuit of business ethics, with the principle of honest management, all personnel should abide by the highest standards of integrity, prohibit any form of corruption, extortion and embezzlement, employees should abide by the following principles when engaging in various businesses:
  • We should uphold the principles of good faith and fairness in handling business dealings with our customers.
  • Do not take advantage of your position to accept gifts or invitations from others.
  • Do not take advantage of your position to engage in direct or indirect profit-seeking acts in order to obtain improper benefits or other fraudulent acts.
  • Shall not take advantage of your position to defraud others of money or property.
  • Except for the business, CANNOT use Nafco for the personal use.
  • Shall not take advantage of your position to make any profit by using company’s resource or information.
For the growing issue of environmental warming, we have reduced the greenhouse gas emissions that may be emitted in the manufacturing, distribution and use of products through environmentally friendly design and green manufacturing, and implemented energy conservation actions in daily management. Nafco is committed to solving the problem of global climate change, and actively takes action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through ecological design and manufacturing processes.
We will continue to improve and move towards a company that fulfills corporate social responsibility. Establish and implement corporate social responsibility and safety and health policies, and hope to create favorable conditions for sustainable operation of the company through continuous operation and improvement of management. Set up a corporate social responsibility working group, responsible for comprehensively managing Nafco’s corporate social responsibility related affairs, promoting corporate social responsibility goals and plans, and regularly reporting the relevant implementation plans and performances to the general manager, and submitting important csr social responsibility implementation results to the board of directors every year.