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Work environment and employee safety

Labor safety is the most important working condition that NAFCO and all employees must work together to maintain. As an employer, NAFCO has a safety and health team to implement an occupational safety and health management system and had obtained ISO 45001 in 2021. We comply with the provisions of the labor laws and regulations, fulfill corporate responsibilities, do a good job in the care and protection of employees, and formulate safety and health policies. Employees themselves should also be aware of the occupational safety and health regulations that are closely related to them and have the obligation to comply with them, so as to ensure their own safety at work.
  • Comply with regulations and promote concepts
  • Full participation and deeper education
  • Effective communication and risk reduction
  • Health Promotion, Workplace Friendly

We provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace environment, including the necessary health and first-aid facilities. We are also committed to minimizing the hazard factors of employee safety and health to prevent work-related ill health (occupational diseases). In accordance with the legal requirements, we ensure that new employees receive the safety and health education and training required by the relevant jobs. To protect the safety and health of all employees, employees are requested to participate in the Company’s drills on emergency response, fire prevention and fighting, and first-aid (first response). We also communicate the knowledge of occupational safety and health education related to the labor work to employees. In work safety, through continuous education, training, and publicity, we develop the emergency response capability and safety concept and enhance the safety awareness of employees to minimize accidents caused by unsafe behavior.

  • Systems and measures
  • To ensure the safety of workplace environment and employees, we plan the international certification for the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety (OHS) management systems, create a safe and healthy workplace environment, continuously promote the concept of safe and healthy operations, set zero accident as the OHS goal, and ensure the OHS compliance and system for employees.
  • We have established the health center to take care of employee health and passed the certification for the Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace (Smokfree and Health Promotion) of the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare.
  • Implementation
  • Receive the guidance for, pass international certification of, and actively enforce the ISO 45001 OHS Management Systems, and continually improve the performance in the OHS management.
  • Organize health checkups and health promotion activities periodically and provide health care services to promote the physical and mental health of employees.
  • Establish the “Workplace Production Safety and Health SOP” and hold the OHS Committee meeting quarterly to prevent occupational accidents; create a safe and healthy workplace environment, continuously promote the concept of safe and healthy operations, set zero accident as the OHS goal, and ensure the OHS compliance and system for employees.
  • In additional to establishing the “Workplace Production Safety and Health SOP”, the Industrial Safety Office also conduct workplace safety and health audit to prevent hazards.
  • Enhance the protective measures of workplace environment and personal safety through employee education and training to protect employees against work-related injuries.
  • Set work safety standardization, employee safety awareness, accident prevention, safety and health management enforcement, and provision of a comfortable and safe workplace environment as the policy objectives of occupational safety.



Disasters are intuitively perceived by the average person as unintended, unplanned or unplanned disasters. Due to the large number of equipment in the factory area and frequent human-computer interaction, how to implement autonomous safety inspections to prevent machine failure and human negligence has always been an important issue in work safety. The safety and health team regularly continues to carry out occupational safety and health inspections in various factories, conducts hazard identification and risk assessment in advance for each operation, and proposes preventive and control measures for hazards to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace.

In order to grasp the reality of the working environment of employees and the planning implemented to assess the labour situation, it is necessary to develop appropriate strategies and comply with legal norms.
Establish a complete occupational disaster network notification mechanism, through which in addition to analyzing the types of disasters suffered by colleagues, we also track the recovery status of occupational disaster victims and conduct a resumption assessment. According to the results of the analysis of the type of disaster, the common disasters are held as education and training lectures for colleagues. In addition, in order to significantly reduce various forms of violence in various places, data books have been established and courses such as workplace unlawful abuse, workplace mental health and workplace skeletal and musculoskeletal injury prevention, and maternal protection plan advocacy have been established.
For all staff, we conduct safety and health disaster prevention courses for personnel, and provide explanations from professionals to improve the ability of new employees to respond to emergencies at work.
The safety and health team, for maternal, illegal infringement, overload, human factors engineering, workplace mental health, return to work, distribution assessment and work accident tracking care, planning and visiting factory first aid kit configuration, employee health examination report health consultation, and work environment improvement measures and suggestions.
An accident is not an unforeseen accident or misfortune caused by the intent, negligence, misconduct or omission of the parties. The causal relationship between physical illness and risk factors at work may be occupational injuries. The “prevention” of occupational injuries and diseases is very important, in order to implement occupational safety and health control, establish an executive organization for the division of powers and responsibilities, further strengthen the prevention of occupational injuries, and move towards the goal of the best healthy workplace.
In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Law, NAFCOa regularly declares statistical analysis of occupational disasters online every month. In order to follow the handling of occupational disaster accidents, establish an occupational disaster accident notification mechanism to grasp the occupational disaster status of employees in real time. At the same time, the recovery status of those affected by occupational disasters is tracked for distribution and resumption of work assessment. The safety and health team will also immediately launch an accident investigation, conduct accident investigation and analysis, deal with it and develop improvement measures, and regularly advocate relevant safety and health matters to prevent similar situations from happening again.
In accordance with the labor health protection rules, NAFCO provides employee health examination services every year, including special physical examination and general physical examination. After the physical examination, according to the health classification management of the labor health protection rules, the labor health service doctor will formulate the health examination report for the abnormal items of the health examination, and at the same time manage and care to ensure that the health of the practitioners is in good health and there are no infectious diseases.
Each employee’s annual health checks and surveys screen employees who need further interviews, including hazard prevention assessments, daily health perceptions, and the use of tobacco, betel nuts, alcohol, etc

Short-term goals

  • Strengthen the professional skills training of contractors
  • Implement industrial safety and health education and training, and continue to promote the popularization of safety and health licenses and on-the-job education and training
  • Continuous work safety protection and various emergency response exercises

Medium- and long-term objectives

  • Continue to pursue 100% industrial security and zero disasters in industrial security
  • Promote the complete frame system to the factory area, to achieve the whole company systematic management.
  • The use of AI technology tools to improve the efficiency of industrial safety management and reduce the probability of accidents

NAFCO actively promotes measures to prevent smoking hazards in the workplace, establishing a conducive and healthy working environment. In 2023, it was awarded a badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace by by the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s National Health Administration, affirming its commitment to fostering a healthy workplace.