Nafco Technology Announces Obtaining the Qualification of Aviation Forging Supplier Certification from Safran Aircraft Engines, France

Taipei, August 24, 2021 – Foster Technology (stock code: 3004), an international aerospace fastener manufacturer, announced that it has acquired an international aerospace engine manufacturer – Safran Aircraft Engines (Safran Aircraft Engines; hereinafter referred to as “Safran”). ”) of the aviation forging supplier certification. In the future, Fengda Technology will be able to expand the scope of services to Safran, providing manufacturing services for high-temperature superalloy aerospace materials such as iron-based, nickel-based, and cobalt-based.

Headquartered in France, Safran is a multinational aircraft engine, rocket engine, aerospace components and defense company. Headquartered in Taiwan, Fengda Technology is one of the few certified international aerospace engine fastener manufacturing companies in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2019, it obtained the NADCAP MMM forging certification. At present, there are only 22 aviation forging suppliers in the world that meet the NADCAP certification qualifications, and only a few in Asia. Fengda Technology is the only aviation forging supplier with NADCAP qualifications in Taiwan.

Lin Weicun, general manager of Fengda Technology, said that most of the key aerospace products are derived from forgings. Forging technology can provide a higher level of product structural integrity and is at the upper level of the aerospace product manufacturing chain. Fengda Technology has cooperated with Safran for many years. After obtaining the qualification for forging supplier certification, it will be able to provide Safran with a more efficient and convenient one-stop service solution, which is a very important milestone.

Fengda Technology is a certified manufacturer of international aerospace OEM, NADCAP, AS9100 aerospace quality system and IATF16949 automotive management system, and provides various aerospace engine manufacturers for major aerospace engine manufacturers in the world, including Geely Aviation, Safran Group, and Rolls-Royce Class fasteners and aerospace mechanism components products. In recent years, Fengda Technology has continued to refine process technology, developed high-value-added aerospace machining products precision manufacturing capabilities, and obtained the qualification for forging supplier certification. Up to now, more than 6,000 aerospace products have passed customer certification.


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